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Useful Windows Utilities and Security Software
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BOOST Your Computer's Speed & Stability!
You've invested a lot of money to get the best hardware. Unfortunately, you might not be taking full advantage of all the speed and power that you paid for. Even the most experienced users have difficulty controlling all the resources and settings on a PC - all the while giving up valuable speed and system stability. Now, you can get a faster, cleaner, and safer PC within minutes - without being a Windows expert! RamCleaner automatically finds the best settings for your PC and carefully controls your system resources to give you the best performance. Easy to use, this award-winning utility has all the features you could ever need to clean up your system, monitor resources, and improve performance.

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Latest Version:

Release Date:
   April 21, 2009

   Windows 9x
   Windows ME
   Windows NT
   Windows XP
   Windows 2000
   Windows 2003
   Windows Vista
Key Benefits of RamCleaner

Increase The Speed of Your Computer!
Make Your RAM More Efficient!
Recover 100% of memory leaks!
Reduce Windows and Application Crashes!
Helps Stop Internet Explorer Freezing and Crashing!
Control running applications for better performance!
See exactly how much memory you have at all times!

Key Features in RamCleaner

Click on the image to enlarge Memory Optimization at your fingertips!
RamCleaner makes it easier than ever before to free up unused RAM, prevent crashes and increase performance. This ensures that you always have enough memory to run your favorite applications without running into any problems. You can free the memory with a single click. RamCleaner shows various information on your memory usage. To optimize RAM just adjust the slider in Ram to Free and press Clean now ! button on the bottom and RamCleaner will do the rest.

Click on the image to enlarge Prioritize Windows System Functions

Assign more resources to Windows and you can prevent crashes caused by a single application taking control over the CPU, preventing the Windows shell from working properly.

Click on the image to enlarge Processes Manager

RamCleaner has inbuilt task Manager. It shows which applications are currently running on your system. It also allows you to close or change priority on running applications.

Click on the image to enlarge Clean Memory at Interval
Automatically clean memory at selected interval in minutes.
Clean when memory is reached
Automatically clean if memory reached on selected size (Mbytes).
Set Optimal
Set the optimal RamCleaner settings for best performance your PC!


  I've been using this product for about a 3 years now, and I have had none of the crash issues that I have seen others complain about. Would recommend RamCleaner to anyone who uses lots of applications with Windows XP.
Thomas Mccullough (Lyndhurst, US)  
  It's one of the great programs easy to use and great! Product does everything it say it does and more. My best choice!
Cindie Smith (Bloomington, US)  
  A very useful software. It really works. I highly recommend this for gamers like me.
Michael Burke (Pewsey, GB)  

Prestigious Awards Given to RamCleaner

 RamCleaner Awards
Prestigious Awards Given to RamCleaner

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