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Network Mechanic
BOOST your LAN/Internet Speed!
Netowork Mechanic optimizes your Internet connection, providing faster download speeds and fewer delays while browsing. It acts as an accelerator for your network connection.

Such parameters as packet size, receive and transmit window sizes, the number and size of buffers used usually are adjusted by the qualified experts. Now with the help of our program you can optimize TCP/IP protocol according to your opportunities of network without a studying all bases TCP/IP networks.

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Network Mechanic
Latest Version:

Release Date:
   August 28, 2008

   Windows 9x
   Windows ME
   Windows NT
   Windows XP
   Windows 2000
   Windows 2003
   Windows Vista
Key Features in Network Mechanic

Optimizes TCP/IP protocol
Erases Firefox Cache
Erases Internet Explorer Cache
Erases Opera Cache
Erases America Online Cache
Enhancements for Outlook Express
Enhancements for Internet Explorer

How Network Mechanic does it?

Network Mechanic asks you to provide some simple information about your networking, and uses that information to analyze your system. It then adjusts your network setup to maximize your Internet (Web) performance. And unlike programs such as TweakDUN and InternetBoost, it safely modifies your low-level TCP/IP settings without forcing you to understand a bunch of network jargon.

What does Network Mechanic actually do?

Netowork Mechanic modifies a wide series of parameters that control how your TCP/IP stack operates. Depending on your operating system and the selection you make for how you use your PC it selects the parameters to change and what appropriate values for those parameters should be. A partial list of parameters it examines and (may) adjust includes: Default Time To Live, Maximum Transmission Unit, Black Hole Router detection, Keep Alive Intervals, Initial Large Buffer Count, Medium Buffer Count, Small Buffer Count, Default Receive Window, Default Send Window, Large Buffer Size, Medium Buffer Size, and others. The values chosen will vary depending on your operating system and the type of network setup you have.

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  I've tried on 56K and it really boosts and optimizes the speed of my Internet connection with the set of tools included. Also thanks for tracks eraser tool!
George Camp (Franklin, US)  
  My best investments! I use this program a few years and pleased with results. I highly recommend to all Internet surfers. Simple and effective! Thanks.
Paolo Moroni (Viareggio, IT)  
  We bought it to our office with 60 PCs. We are very glad to excellent results! Speed of our network REALLY has increased up to 500%!!! Thank you guys for your job!
James Britton (Coventry, GB)  

Prestigious Awards Given to Network Mechanic

 Network Mechanic Awards
Prestigious Awards Given to Network Mechanic

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