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Stealth Keystroke Recording Software

SpyMyPC PRO Keylogger is a multifunctional keylogger. It is award-winning, highly flexible, all-round desktop security monitoring solution written for the Windows operating system. SpyMyPC PRO allows you to secretly record ALL keystrokes typed on your PC without the user ever knowing! SpyMyPC PRO also includes advanced stealth mode features to prevent users and/or programs from detecting and disabling it, an e-mail delivery feature for remote monitoring, and much more! So how do you know what your staff (or family) are doing on your PCs? Are they working on your account - or playing solitaire? SpyMyPC PRO keylogger surveillance software can tell you exactly who is doing what on which PC at any time during the day or night.

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SpyMyPC PRO Keylogger

Keylogger Comparsion Chart

Run in hidden mode
Log Keystrokes
Log Passwords
Log Chat Conversations
Log Applications Run
Log Documents Access
Log Websites Visited
Generate Reports
Email Log Delivery
Latest Version:

Release Date:
   August 27, 2011

   Windows NT
   Windows XP
   Windows 2000
   Windows 2003
   Windows Vista

Key Benefits of KEYLOGGER

Easy to install keylogger in a few seconds!
Works on all desktop PCs (Windows Compatible)
Access to keylogger logs anywhere through email
Friendly & Intuitive Interface
See captured logs at any time
Automatic Startup
Monitor your system activity while you are gone

Key Features in SpyMyPC PRO KEYLOGGER

  • Keystroke / Password logging
    Track all keystrokes pressed (including hidden system keys!) and which windows they were pressed in.

  • Chat monitoring
    SpyMyPC PRO KEYLOGGER is designed to record and monitor both sides of a conversation in following chats (MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, QiP, AIM)

  • Windows Startup
    SpyMyPC PRO KEYLOGGER, when configured to do so, will startup with ALL users of the PC and record their activities as soon as they begin typing.

  • E-mail Log Delivery
    For remote monitoring functionality, SpyMyPC PRO keylogger gives you the ability to have all keystroke logs sent to your e-mail address every so often - perfect for monitoring a computer when your on the road, or at the office.

  • Log Filtering
    Easily view recorded log data by date - perfect for when SpyMyPC PRO has been running for long periods of time and you only want to see what it has recorded on a certain day.

  • Internal Email Engine
    SpyMyPC PRO keylogger have internal email engine. It makes him extremely invisible at sending logs to your email.

  • Friendly Interface
    SpyMyPC PRO keylogger contains an extremely easy-to-understand user interface, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the software in no time!

  • Customizable HotKey
    For total concealment, SpyMyPC PRO keylogger allows you to customize the default hotkey that is used to remove it from it's operational stealth mode.

  • Helpful Documentation
    SpyMyPC PRO keylogger includes a great help file to help you answer any possible questions you may have concerning SpyMyPC PRO.

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Monitor Your System While You Are Away!

  • Discover when someone uses your computer when you are not around.

  • Monitor your system activity while you are gone.

  • Know if someone is "snooping" through your files at work.

  • Find out with SpyMyPC PRO!


  It's a good job, and a good's a great help for me !!!!
Piero Coppola (Viareggio, IT)  
  I downloaded SpyMyPC PRO the other night and am very impressed. Your product is very useful and intuitive. Thanks.
Todd (Selah, US)  
  This is the only software I purchased after 10 minutes of evaluation. I looked for such utility long time.
Mark McLendon (Cicero, US)  
  I use it daily and it's for me a tool that makes life really fun and easier. Thank you guys!
Nick Allen (Bullhead City, US)  

Prestigious Awards Given to SpyMyPC PRO KEYLOGGER

 SpyMyPC PRO Keylogger Awards
Prestigious Awards Given to SpyMyPC PRO

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