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Useful Windows Utilities and Security Software
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Benutec Software, Inc. was founded in 2001 by a group of IT and e-commerce professionals. We started as a traditional retail software developer, but we eventually realized that the publishers we worked with had goals that weren't compatible with ours. We dreamed of building a company which fell in love with its users, not its sales.

We created Benutec to focus on selling our software direct over the internet. This gave us the control to make software the way they should be made.

Our company mainly focuses on system software development. The quality of our solutions is determined by the highest technology level of our software products and exceptional professionalism and the wide experience of our experts, constantly striving for the further improvement of our products.

We know that software can be a very special part of your life. Quality software can help you relieve stress and put a smile on your face. We offer powerful technologies, enabling you to gain a significant position in this rapidly developing applications environment.

Our commitment to our customers is very special to us. Because of you we are able to fulfill our own dreams. You provide an outlet for creative people to express their best talents.

At Benutec Software, simplicity and elegance are greatly appreciated, practiced, and achieved. Buy our products, use our services, and you will come to appreciate that too. Come to Benutec, and we will help you.

Aware of the unmatched importance of information technologies in the contemporary business environment, our company is constantly seeking ways to improve our products effectiveness and is open for cooperation in the information technology field. If you would like to offer a joint project, do n't hesitate to contact us at

Registered Office

Benutec Software, INC
25 Greystone Manor,
Lewes, Delaware 19958,
County of Sussex, USA.

FAX: +1-866-631-9123

Last Updated: Friday, May 27, 2022

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